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This site is intended to make the report of the visit made in May 17, 2016 by the « engineering sciences » section class of the Lorgues Thomas Edison’s high school, during which students got the chance to visit the CEA of Cadarache, in France.

Photos were prohibited during the tour. A guide directed us all along the visit and we did it mainly in the bus : the center is crossed by a road of 5 kilometers.

Introduction to the CEA of Cadarache :

 The CEA of Cadarache (Literally : Commissariat à l’énergie atomique [French] or Commission for Atomic Energy [English]) is situated in the south of France near the ITER’s project center (100 meters close).

It is a place where more than 16 000 people from all over the world work to find the ways to produce the energy of tomorrow : renewable energies, nuclear fusion, cleaner nuclear reactors (fission), bio-fuels…

They only own on the center experimental reactors which don’t produce electricity (a few).
For instance, an EDF reactor produces 900 MW of electricity and 3GW of thermal energy.
Their reactor produces 100W of electricity and 20MW of thermal energy ! (almost 0.66% of the power of the power reactors).

Their reactors allow them to create products they need (as irradiated materials).

The site is 900 hectares large and highly protected by cameras, electrified fences all around the site and security guards who have the same permissions than soldiers (assault weapons).
Besides, it’s the second most protected center of France.