4 – Strange buildings


On the site exists a military reactor (LIS, stands for Land Base Reactor). It’s a reproduction of the reactor we have on the aircraft carrier in the french submarine the Charles de Gaulle in which is used to make it moove, nuclear reactors.
It’s a reproduction used to train the screw and make tests on this kind of motors.


ITER, a big project for nuclear fusion, and the CEA are two different entities : ITER is in the international territory even if they’re separated by 100 meters.


The IRFM (stands for « Institut de Recherche sur la Fusion par confinement Magnétique » or Research Institute for Fusion by Magnetic confinement) is a building in which researchers are making fusion experiments.
Inside is the Tokamak Tor Supra (an experimental nuclear reactor) which allows us to create the energy of stars, on earth.