The CEA is the second most protected center of France.

The security in the CEA is seriously taken in account as they own high-irradiated products (plutonium/uranium…). But as well because they are the most advanced center on the domain of the nuclear fusion.

Photos or videos are highly prohibited : keep people safe and avoid thieves from stealing there technics.

The site is protected by cameras, electrified fences all around the site and security guards who have the same permissions than soldiers (assault weapons).

They have 3 ways to protect the center from outside :

  • Monitoring the fence by cameras
  • Detecting people by radio cameras
  • A canine brigade if someone is dected

What about employees ?

With this highly protected center, how do the people who have to enter the center for there work are differentiated ?

Each employee owns an access badge. They are 3 simultaneous controls :

  • Visualy, guards check the identity of the employee.
  • As the badges are endowed with NFC chip, there’s a NFC check. Besides, it allows to know how much people there’s actually on the site (in the case of an accident where people would have to leave the center).
  • Each vehicule having the intention to enter is searched.

No fire, no diseases !

The CEA owns a fire station in the center as well as a medical center specialized in chimical and nuclear diseases with 5 doctors and 10 practical nurses.

Tour fact :

Indeed, when our bus entered the center, it has been searched and each classmate’s identity has been checked. Guards were wearing bulletproof vests and holding assault weapons : disuasive.